Navigational safety in polar regions is our core business

Navigational safety in polar regions is our core business

Contact us: (+45) 42 90 19 77

Contact us: (+45) 42 90 19 77


As one of the only certified pilotage in polar regions, we are developing new standards for navigational safety service. Ensuring you a safe and effective operation. 

Greenland pilot service

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For passenger ships, subject to mandatory pilotage, two pilots will board the ship in the last port before Greenland and disembark the first port after Greenland.

For ships not subject to mandatory pilotage, we offer the option of boarding in Greenland. Depending on the destination, season and requirements according to the IMO polar code and Greenlandic legislation, one pilot may ensure compliance with all

Feel free to contact us with your project. We look forward to providing our experience-based review and a competitive quote on your next pilotage

Please order your pilotage through your chosen shipping agent or directly from Greenland Pilot Service at least four weeks before arrival at the last port before Greenland.

You can contact our offices 24/7.


We define our company as a provider of navigational safety service in the harsh polar regions and our strategy is to contribute to a safe development of the cruise industry in polar regions by: 

  • Embarking certified and polarcode compliant pilots onboard the cruise vessels.
  • Exploring and making risk assessments of the new routes and destinations.
  • Drafting ifineraries in cooperation with the tour operators. 
  • 24/7 manned operation center in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk. 
  • Riskassessment according to daily ice and weather information received from Danish Meteorological Institute.
  • Ice advisory in polar waters 

We offer our own developed and accredited Polar Code Courses, with focus on navigation in Arctic and Antarctic, with means:

  • Combined basic and advance Polar Code Courses
  • Simulator traning of captain and crew in relevant navigational areas – for example Prins Christian Sound in Greenland
  • On request simulator traning of captain and crew together with our pilots.

Contact us: (+45) 42 90 19 77

Contact us: (+45) 42 90 19 77