Our rates

Rates for 2020

Our pricing consist of the following fees:

  • Boarding fee is paid as lumpsum pr. Pilotage.

  • Pilot fee as paid pro rate pr. day when our pilots are onboard the vessel.

  • Vessel fee is paid once per season in DKK pr. Gross tonnage according to the size of the vessel stated on the tonnage certificate.
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Our pilotage rates:

Boarding fee: 54.000Dkk

Vessel Fee 0-14.000 1,00 DKK

Vessel Fee 24.001-34.000 2,00 DKK

Pilot fee: 24.000 DKK

Vessel Fee 14.001-24.000 1,50 DKK

Vessel Fee 34.001-44.000 3,00 DKK

Vessel Fee Above 44.001+ 5,00 DKK

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Contact us: (+45) 42 90 19 77

Contact us: (+45) 42 90 19 77